Sunday, July 4, 2010

Just A Brief Note (Off Topic)...

Hi, Family.
As many are aware, I have devoted this site to news and postings for the Bae-sisters; about Our Charming Prince. Therefore, I ask your indulgence, for once, to go off topic, sort of, and wish all of my American Bae-Family a very Happy, Happy Fourth Of July!!! I hope everyone is enjoying lots of fun, good food, and, of course, fireworks with their families, this holiday weekend. (Fireworks courtesy of the Chinese, and a big thanks to them for the pyrotechnics.) It is a perfect July 4th here in sunny Tennessee, but I also hope all of the Family, all around the world, are enjoying a beautiful day and quality time with their loved ones, as well.
We should all take the time to let the people we love know how much they are loved, while we have the opportunity to tell them and to show them. Life is short and we have no promise of tomorrow, so please, take the time to say 'I love you' to everyone special in your life, today.
Love to all Family, everywhere.