Thursday, December 30, 2010

And A...

Dear BaeFamily,
As I look back at this year, I find myself thinking about all of the various changes which have occured in our Family; so many new Family members whom I have found and friended on Facebook; Joys, sorrows, and experiences which we have shared here in these blogs; the anticipation of new things to share in the near future; the hope for happiness and good things happening within our BaeFamily. As this year draws to a close, I want to wish a very, very Happy New Year, from the bottom of my heart, to all of you and your families. May love and peace be yours in the coming year, and may our bonds of family and friendship continue to grown and strengthen as the year progresses. Love to all Family, everywhere. Anna

Friday, December 24, 2010

Have A...

Hi, dear BaeFamily. I have not posted on this blog very much lately, but I just wanted to take a few minutes to wish all of our dear Family 메리 크리스마스, メリークリスマス, สุขสันต์วันคริสต์มาส, 圣诞节快乐, , 聖誕節快樂, Maligayang Pasko, Selamat Hari Natal, Selamat Hari Krismas, کریسمس مبارک, मेरी क्रिसमस, Feliz Navidad, and Merry Christmas! I hope Our Charming Prince and everyone in the BaeFamily has a wonderful time with their families on this holiday weekend. God keep you all
safe and well. Love to all Family everywhere. Anna

Friday, November 26, 2010

Well, Well,Well...

Hello, dear Family.
It is hard for me to believe a whole year has gone by since I set up this blogsite and wrote my first posting as a Baeblogger, but I know it is true! So much has happened since then, I couldn't begin to write about it all here in this posting. I have been privileged to become acquainted with so many BaeFamily members and share in their joys, tears, hopes, dreams, and even some of their fears. And I have also laughed, cried, hoped, dreamed, and feared along with them all. Through all of these things I have grown on both an emotional and spiritual level, and, most importantly, I have learned what it means to be a part of this amazing Bae Yong Joon Family! I am grateful for being able to be a Family member, and to 'know' all of the other Family members here on Blogger, as well as several other blog hosting websites. It is hard for me to contain the joy and  excitement I am feeling as I sit here in Tennessee (USA), on this chilly, rainy morning of 26 November, 2010, writing all of this, in celebration of my first anniversary as a BaeFamily blogger!!! I would like for the whole Family of Baebloggers to share this happy occasion with me, just as we have shared so many other experiences throughout this past year, and I hope everyone will.
As I shared Thanksgiving festivities with my family, yesterday, I thought about all of the things for which I was, and am, thankful. This wonderful Family of ours was very close to the top of my list; right after my own family and a few close friends. That is how important being a part of all this has become to me. Thank you to all of our Sisters (and maybe even a few Brothers) for allowing me to belong. I can't begin to put into words all of the emotions I am feeling right now. I can only say thank you, again. Love to all Family, everywhere, especially Our Charming Prince, who made it all possible in the first place. (Hurray!!!)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Holiday Wish...

Hi, dear Family.
As I will probably not have an opportunity to post anything here for the next few days, I would like to take the time, now, to wish all of the American Family a Happy Thanksgiving! And to send special greetings of love and support to all of the Asian Family during this difficult time of conflict and tension between South and North Korea, which is obviously having far-reaching consequences around the world. At a time when so many are preparing to celebrate the Christmas season, such tensions can not be, and are not, an easy thing with which to deal. Still, we will remain strong as a Family, in spite of whatever difficulties we may face, because we have our love for each other, and our mutual love for Our Charming Prince who gives us all so much love in return. (In the words of sis Myoce, 'BaeFamily fighting'!) My prayers are with all of the Family, worldwide, and especially those in South Korea and so many neighboring countries there in Asia. I may be half a world away, but my heart is there with you all, in hopes that you will continue to have a peaceful and joyous holiday season. Again, Happy Thanksgiving! Love to all family everywhere. Anna

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So Many Things...

Hi, dear Family.
In the past few weeks I have noticed so many things going on within our BaeFamily; not just with Our Charming Prince, but with our Baesisters as well. The tragedy of death, the miracle of new life, moving from one home to another, traveling because of a job, starting a new website, overcoming difficulties of one sort or another; just living life in general. Having Birthdays, Anniversaries (marriage, blogging, and other kinds), meeting new friends (on the internet as well as in person). Finding our Family members in unexpected, but exciting places (Youtube, Facebook, etc.). It is all a part of living, and learning, which is a very important part of life itself. Without the hard things in life, we would obviously not appreciate the joys, laughter and happiness we are able to share with our Sisters. It is good to know they are there to help us deal with the sorrows as well.
As we Family in The States get ready for our Thanksgiving holiday, I am looking back on the last couple of months with mixed feelings. Sorrow at the loss of people who were important in my life; several of whom I was priviledged to call friends. Joy at the birth of babies (welcome to the Family, little Edward). The love of newly met BaeFamily members by the dozens. All of these things have helped me to grow as a person in many ways. I am sad for all those who have recently suffered losses of family members, I am happy for those with new family additions, and I am grateful to the Facebook sisters I have met, who have helped me feel even more a part of this wonderful BaeFamily. God bless you all, as the holiday season begins, and also throughout the rest of this year and beyond. Love to all Family everywhere. Anna

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Nice Discovery...

Dear Family,
I have discovered a wonderful thing; a lot of our Baesisters also have Facebook accounts! I am happy to find that they do, and I have sent out 'friend' invitations to as many of them as I could find on Facebook. I have also been priveleged to join several BYJ Facebook sites. All of this is thrilling to me, because so many of the other friends in my life are also members on Facebook, and this could mean I may be able to connect my two separate networks of friends into one group by suggesting they 'friend' each other. I know many of my 'non-BYJ Family' friends would be eager to do that. To them any friend of mine is someone worth having for a friend. They always accept my 'friend' suggestions. I know many of my BYJ Family would be willing to 'friend' others on my recommendations, too, because they trust me and love me, and they know I love them, too. There are still a couple of the Family who may not have accepted me as Family, yet, but I still love them just the same. I am asking all the sisters, who are on Facebook, and who haven't yet accepted my invitations, to please do so. It would mean a lot to me. Love to all Family everywhere. Anna
(My real name is Anna Daugherty, and I'm not worried about anyone knowing that, because there are a lot of  'Anna Daugherty's' in Tennessee, so I am just one of many!)
(Special note of thanks to sisters BB and Myoce who have accepted my invitations.)

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Dear BaeFamily,
I know it has not been two weeks since I last posted here on my Baeblog, but I have missed my sisters so much in the last few days that it has made me realize I have come to a point where I feel that communicating with my various internet Families will do more toward helping me recover from my grief than simply trying to deal with it alone, at this point. There may be some who do not understand this. That is fine. There are others who will see what I mean. That is fine, too. None of that changes the way I feel about my dear BaeFamily and Our Charming Prince. (Please believe me when I say I still cry every time I think about my friend, Zac. And I still can see his smiling face so vividly whenever I think of him, but he was always a very happy person with a positive outlook on life, and I believe he would not want me to shut myself off from friends and family in prolonged grieving for his sake. He tried to love everyone  and wanted all his friends to be happy. That is part of what I loved about the boy. That, and his loving respect for others. Sounds a lot like our Yong Joon-ssi, doesn't it?) Take care, dears. Love to all Family, everywhere. Anna
(RIP, Zac, and thank you for your unwavering friendship, son.)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Short Break...

Hi to all of the dear BaeFamily,
I am sad to be posting this message on my blog. My son and I suffered a terrible loss, early Tuesday morning. A dear friend of the family was tragically killed while walking to work. It is hard for me to write this, but I did not want anyone to worry if I did not post here or comment on any of the blogs. I am going to take a bit of time off, in order to deal with the loss of a young man who was like a son to me. I am sorry this posting is off topic, but I just can't do any blogging right now. (Be assured that I will still read the other sister's postings from time to time.) I don't know how long or short my absence will be. I only know the pain I am feeling right now. Thank you all, my dear Family, for your understanding. And, thank you, in advance for any comments. Take care, and be well. Love to all Family, everywhere. Anna

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Am Sorry...

Hello, Family.
I hope all of you are well on this hot and beautiful 'high' summer day.

I am posting this, today, because I have come to a sad realization. I have just been fooling myself. I have wanted to believe that I have been a welcome part of this Family, and, to some of the blogger Family members, I have. I am thankful and grateful to those few. (You dear ladies know who you are.) (I understand that many are busy with their own lives, yet many of them take the time to acknowledge other sister's comments. Why not mine? What have I done to offend them? I really want to know. In fact, I feel I have a right to know, so please, won't some of you tell me?)

I know I am still a relative newcomer  and outsider to many of the Family, but I also know I love Our Charming Prince as much as anyone else who posts these blogs. And, I also know that I am a BYJ Family member in good standing. All I had to do to achieve that status was to sign up as a Family member on The BYJ Official site, because he welcomes and loves everyone; no matter who they are or their country of origin.  (The concept is, after all, "Humane Living", isn't it? To truly try to love everyone in the world.)

It just saddens me to know I have, pretty much, with few exceptions, been banging my head against a wall, here, hoping for acceptance. The thing is, I am here to stay, for as long as this is the direction in which my life takes me. From my viewpoint, that will be a long time. Acceptance is good, and desirable, but not always given. Still, I have learned a valuable lesson from the great Martin Luther, who founded the Lutheran Church. When he was shunned and ridiculed by his peers, he wrote:

"They drew a circle and shut me out;
Heretic, rebel; a thing to flout.
But, love and I had the wit to win,
We drew a circle, and took them in."

So, you see, I will still continue to love all of the BaeFamily, all around the world; regardless of how they see me, or what they think of me. (I don't have to know them personally; I just have to believe the same way as Our Yong Joon-ssi.) I am sorry if this offends anyone, but I must speak my mind, here. And, Josephine, dear, before you or Tamar say anything, in your direct, but always refreshing and always welcome manner, thank you, both, and thanks to the other few sisters for showing me your kindness and sisterly friendship. It is very much appreciated.

I could say more, but I won't. I would just like, please, for the sisters to read this, and think about what I've said. (I know I don't post comments on all of the sister's sites. Please forgive me if this fact has offended any of you bloggers. It isn't because I don't love you; it is because you often blog about topics which don't interest me. That is just my preference, and has nothing to do with any of you, personally. Your tastes in entertainment, and celebrities are fine with me. Just, please understand if I don't share them. It is great that you all like the singers and actors that you do like. I say, more power to you. I have my other favorite celebrities as well. I am a huge Ko Yu-Jin fan, though I doubt there are many of those here, besides me. That's fine, too. I like reading the different postings about celebrities besides Our Charming Prince; although the ones about him are the most special to me. Those blog posts have helped me gain a greater appreciation for all of the talented Asian celebrities out there whom I have not yet discovered. (A special 'thank you' to all of the Kim Hyun Joong fans.) Whoever you sisters like and admire, I will be like I told sister bb; be yourselves and like whom and what you like, and I will cheer and applaud you. And I will say 'you go, girl!")

Again, a special, heartfelt thank you to the sisters who have taken me into their hearts as a member of this dear Family that means as much to me as my own flesh and blood family, or any of my other friends. Take care, and please know I didn't write any of this to hurt anyone here; but only because I have been hurt and I had to make my feelings known in the matter. (Perhaps some of the sisters have not consciously ignored me, but I really don't know. To any with whom this may be the case, my apologies.) Take care, and be well, everyone.

Love to all family, everywhere.

PS: If anyone wishes to comment on this blog, they are still always welcome, but I probably won't be doing much commenting on other blogs. Not for now, anyway. A.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Here We Go Again...

Hi, dear Family,
I am sorry I haven't posted here in a few days. My laptop computer crashed 5 days ago and I had to get a friend to help me restore all of it's programs.
I wrote a posting for one of my other blogsites, 'Something Rather Unusual', a few days prior to 'the crash' which dealt with the fact that many people were always asking me about the Avatar I had here and on my 'Facebook' account. I explained about that Avatar in that particular blogposting. Anyone wishing to read it can find it on the blogsite mentioned above.
Well, I changed that 'Facebook' Avatar because I got so many questions and comments about it. I put my favorite BYJ picture in its place:

Now people keep asking me about this picture, too. I am always getting e-mails from female friends who want to know who the 'handsome guy' is, where did I get this picture, and so on. I am not surprised by this, because Our Charming Prince will be popular and admired wherever he is seen, no matter which photos, videos, TV series, or movies with him in them, that people see. 
I don't mind answering questions about this pic the way I minded about my other Avatar. (That one is a long story and it is hard to keep telling it over and over again.) If people want to know about Our BYJ, I just give them the 'American Bae Fan' URL and tell them to check it out and all of the other Baeblogs as well. That is so much easier to do than to keep relating the same story on and on. It makes me very grateful to have this blog and to have access to all of the other BaeFamily sites, as well. Thank you, sisters, for having these blogs. You, and they, are all very much appreciated.  Take care, and be well, all BaeFamily everywhere. 

(Note: I also have this picture as my laptop's desktop background, so I can look at Our Charming Prince the first thing in the morning, after I log on to my computer. What a beautiful way to start the day! Sigh.)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's Not You...

Hi dear family.
Today I am posting this to send a special message to all of the Baesisters. Whenever I post rants on my 'Roaming Mind' blogsite, they are not meant to include any of the Bae Family. I have never seen where any of you ladies have done any of the things that I have ranted about in that blog. My rants are directed toward those people who speak English as a first language and who don't seem to know how to use it very well in spite of that fact. I understand if people of other nationalities have trouble with my language; I have had trouble learning Korean, and I am still having trouble. I honestly have to say that, in general, the Asian Bae Family use my language better than a lot of people who were born English speakers. Bravo, ladies! I am proud to know all of you. But, it does make me ashamed of a lot of Caucasian Americans who don't seem to know, or care, about not abusing the English language. You all could stand as good examples to many of them. Again, I say Bravo! Take care and be well.
Love to all,

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Just A Brief Note (Off Topic)...

Hi, Family.
As many are aware, I have devoted this site to news and postings for the Bae-sisters; about Our Charming Prince. Therefore, I ask your indulgence, for once, to go off topic, sort of, and wish all of my American Bae-Family a very Happy, Happy Fourth Of July!!! I hope everyone is enjoying lots of fun, good food, and, of course, fireworks with their families, this holiday weekend. (Fireworks courtesy of the Chinese, and a big thanks to them for the pyrotechnics.) It is a perfect July 4th here in sunny Tennessee, but I also hope all of the Family, all around the world, are enjoying a beautiful day and quality time with their loved ones, as well.
We should all take the time to let the people we love know how much they are loved, while we have the opportunity to tell them and to show them. Life is short and we have no promise of tomorrow, so please, take the time to say 'I love you' to everyone special in your life, today.
Love to all Family, everywhere.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Is Love...?

Hi, dears,

What is your definition of love; romance, friendship, caring, consideration, thoughtfulness, family, marriage? To many of us in the Baefamily, Our Charming Prince is a shining example of what love really means, otherwise we might not think of him as being Ours. 

I have noticed that many Family members worry a lot about Yong Joon-ssi. To me this is one of the many ways they use to express their love for him. Others worry about their other favorite celebrities. Again I see this as an expression of their true affection and caring for those individuals, and I give them credit for being so loving. 
 Some people might think that the Family who worry a lot do so unnecessarily, but I disagree with that thinking. Sometimes caring involves worrying. I ask myself, 'what kind of person would I be if I didn't worry about the people I love'? I think the answer is that I would rather care too much than too little.

Please, don't misunderstand me. I am not criticizing any of my dear Baefamily members. I have not now, nor for as long as I have been a Family member, had any reason to be critical of anyone in our lovely family. I am just saying that I Admire the loving attitudes demonstrated by all of them, whatever forms those attitudes may take.

I know that some people are less affectionate, but that doesn't mean they are any less loving. I also know that all of our Baesisters, with whom I have become acquainted here on the net, have shown a loving and supportive unity; not just toward me, but toward each other. I admire that, too, and I admire them as well.  They are being true to Our Charming Prince's philosophy of "Humane Living".
As for that wonderful guy, I believe he might actually be even more of an affectionate 'hugger' than I am. That is saying a lot, because I hug all of my friends; both men and women. I live to hug!!!

One thing which I have learned in life is that it isn't as important how you love, or whom you love. Those choices must, and should, be left up to the individual. (I know I wouldn't like someone telling me whom I could or couldn't, or should or shouldn't love.) The important part is how much you love that person or persons. If worrying is your way of saying 'I love you', I have to say I respect that.

For the Family who are not worriers, I know you have loving hearts with more calm outlooks on life and its ups and downs. I admire that, and often wish I had a bit more calmness inside of me.

Still, if we all were the same in our feelings and outlooks, wouldn't it be a dull world? I know I would definitely not like that. I like finding emotional differences in the people I meet, because I know deep down we are all the same; we are human beings. That makes the differences mean less than the similar things we share; like our love for Bae Yong Joon.

Love to all Family, everywhere.

(Photo credit:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Frustrations...

Hi, dear Family.
Ahhh, the frustrations of computer malfunctions, glitches, etc. I call them computer 'blues', even though I don't really think of them that way. Blue is such an awesome color; actually the most gorgeous color in the world, in all its glory of tints and shades.

Computer frustrations are not so very unlike the frustrations of waiting for news of our beloved Charming Prince. Is he or isn't he going to act in the T.V. drama, 'Dream High'? How long must we Family wait to learn this information? If he does decide to star in DH, will the show be as good as his other dramas? These and many other questions are waiting to be answered by the only person in the world who truly knows the answers: Our Charming Prince; Bae Yong-Joon.

So, I guess I'm feeling a little 'blue' right now, waiting for Our BYJ to decide what he wants to do, and wondering whether he will tell us what his plans are, anytime soon. Frustration is the right word, alright. It perfectly describes what I, personally, am feeling right this moment, waiting and wondering...

Love to all Family, everywhere. Anna

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Special Posting...

Hi, Dear Family.

I know it is now 7 June in Asia, but I have just learned about something. I am posting here to say that I hope all of the Family in Asia had a peaceful Korean Memorial Day (현충일)(顯忠日) (Hyeon Chung-il). And a blessed and peaceful Korean Memorial Day to all the Family in all Western countries, where it is June 6, today. Here in America, as some of you know, we have a Memorial Day observance, too. Ours falls on the last Sunday in May, and we take flowers and visit family grave sites and pay our respects, pretty much the same as they do in South Korea. Then, some families have a quiet Sunday dinner in honor of our departed loved ones. These customs are very beautiful, but sometimes sad, if someone has recently passed away. It is good to know people in other countries have these kinds of occasions, for remembering the family and friends who are no longer there. But, their spirits and memories will remain alive as long as we remember and cherish them. Take care and be well. Love to all Family everywhere. Anna

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Been Busy...

Hi, dear Family.

I know I haven't posted anything here for a while. I have a very good reason. I have been busy helping some of my Youtube friends get acqainted with our Charming Prince. There are so many women out there who have never even heard of Bae Yong Joon, but who are all eager to get to know more about him. I am helping them in any way I can; sending them Youtube videos, giving them information, etc.

It is exciting to me to be able to connect my different internet circles in this way. It makes me feel as though I have a much larger internet family. I only hope, someday, they will be part of our BYJ Family. That would be even more wonderful. I want them all to know how special our Bae Family is. I hope they will find the kindness and love that I have found. I know I love them already; just from having them as YT friends. They are a nice group of women, just like my Baesisters. I would love to be able to join both my YT family and my Bae Family together; the way our Yong Joon-ssi has brought his global Family together. Although I don't think I could ever do as good a job as he has done, I would like to try just the same. Maybe I could even get a bit of help from the other Sisters? I would like that, and be grateful for it. Please, be well, and safe, dear Sisters. And, please be safe and well, Yong Joon-ssi.

Love to all Family everywhere, Anna

Saturday, May 8, 2010

To All The Mothers...

Hi, dear Family.

I would like to wish all of the Baesisters a Happy Mother's Day! It doesn't matter if someone is a mother or not; If you have children in your family who are so special to you, that you would do anything for them (nieces, nephews, small cousins, etc.) then you know about the kind of love we mothers have for our children, and you shouldn't be left out. Every good woman is a potential mother. Everyone of them has a lot of love to give, and should be respected for that reason. Have a happy day, sisters, everywhere. Love to all, Anna

(Here is a special gift, from my own artwork, to all of the Baesisters. I hope everyone likes it.)                                                                                                    

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Even Better...

Hi, dear Family.

Now I have something even better than the 'Dream High' production news about which to get excited. Our Charming Prince and his company are finally going to publish "A Journey to Discover The Beauty of Korea" in English! How I have waited to hear this news! Taiwan and China will also be getting translations of 'the book'! I am happy for the Family in all of these countries; especially my own. Canadian Family members will, of course, benefit indirectly from the American publishing, because they can order the book from here. So can all the Family in English-speaking countries around the world, such as England, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Scotland. And we can't forget about our Family in Europe, Mexico,  South America, and all of the world's island nations, because many of them also speak English, as a second language. I believe the English printing of "Beauty" will be as helpful to all these Family members as the Chinese printing will be to a large part of the Family in Asia. I am so thrilled for everyone of us who will finally get a chance to read our Dear Yong Joon-ssi's lovely book! Oh,oh!!! Can't wait, can't wait!!! (Feeling weak with excitement.) I think we should all help other family members in countries where the book is not being published, yet. I have made a promise to a certain Sister, to keep her posted about the release dates for the book, as soon as I know anything, myself. If I can help any other of the Baesisters in this way, they should certainly let me know, and I will gladly do my best for them.  After all, we are Family, aren't we? I truly believe that we are. Love to all Family everywhere. Please be well and take care. Anna

Monday, April 19, 2010


Hi, Family.
I am sure we are all anxiously awaiting the completion of the first episodes of "Dream High", if only to see what kind of role our Charming Prince will play in the series. I am so anxious, myself, that it is hard to concentrate on  my college studies. With the spring semester nearing its end, I will have more time, during summer break, to devote to this and all my other blogs, and to some other activities which I have 'in the works'.
A friend and I have some things we want to do for our mutual benefit, concerning which, I will try to keep posts on my 'Whatever Strikes My Fancy' blog. (This one being strictly for news of our Yong Joon-ssi and the Family.)
Can't wait, can't wait, for more news about "Dream High"; and a special 'thank you' to all the sisters who have been keeping us all posted about current developments in that area. (I, personally, can just picture our BYJ as a music/drama teacher, clashing with a hard-nosed principle, who may think the school music or drama program is a waste of time, or something of that sort.) (There goes my imagination, again; off on a complete odyssey all its own, when I don't even know enough about the show to make it take off that way. Naughty imagination! Shame. Get a grip! Sounds like a good story, though. hee hee!)
 Seriously, does it bother anyone else when production companies are so secretive about a T.V. show, or movie? It sort of drives me 'bats'. Sorry. I know, I will just have to be patient and wait and see, like everyone else. 'Patience is a virtue'; just not one of mine. (smiles.) I need the Family's help with this one; to keep me in line, until time for the first episode of 'Dream High' to air on T.V. And, even beyond then, unless someone uploads the show to Youtube; otherwise, I may not get to see it until much later.
Sorry, dears, I don't mean to sound as though I am complaining. I am happy that our Charming Prince is involved in a new project, and that he is having his management to keep us posted on the progress of the drama. I have just missed him so much, and he has so seldom been in the public eye in recent months, that I am all excited about this whole thing! I hope everyone else in the family is excited, too.
I will try to curb my enthusiasm, for now, and wait and see what happens. Not an easy thing to do, but I promise, I will try!
Love to all the Family, Anna

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy, Happy...

Hi, Family.
I would like to wish every one of the Baesisters, around the world, a very Happy Easter! I want to thank all of the sisters who have been posting all those new, wonderful photos of our Charming Prince. without their help, some of us in the Family would not get to see pictures like these, nor to find out what is happening in Baeworld. I feel I owe you all so much for your thoughtfulness in sharing all the news of our Yong Joon-ssi with me, and the rest of our Family. I worry about everyone. Please take care of yourselves and be well.
Love to all Family everywhere. Anna


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Hi, Family.
Well, dears, I just finished watching The Green Planet International Film Awards, and I must say I was disappointed, in many areas, with the lists of chosen winners. Please, don't misunderstand me. I love and admire such actors as Song Gang Ho, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, and many others whose names were called tonight. My congratulations to all of them. The thing that bothers me is the choice of Bi Rain as International Asian Ambassador of the Year. No offense to any Rain fans out there, but what the flip is up with choosing him as an ambassador? To the best of my knowledge, he has never even aspired to be an ambassador promoting anything; unless, of course, it was himself. On the other hand, Our Yong Joon-ssi spends a good bit of his time promoting international public relations, not only among the various Asian countries, but between all the countries he has ever visited, as well as many countries to which he hasn't been, yet. In view of this fact, he is far more qualified to be International Asian Ambassador, not only of the year, or the decade, but of the entire 21st century. (Thank goodness The KTO, at least, had the sense to choose BYJ as their honorary Ambassador for the Visit Korea Years Campaign.) The only good part of all this is that our Charming Prince would no doubt be the first person to congratulate all of the winners at tonight's presentation. Mianheyo, Yong Joon-ssi. I am so very sorry that you did not win the awards for Asian actor or Ambassador, but I know a large number of Family members, including myself, voted for you to win. And, as far as we are concerned, you are, and always will be, a winner to us, because we love and respect you, no matter what happens. After all, that is what it means to be a Family, loving and supporting each other when things are disappointing, bad, or sad. Love to all Family, everywhere. Anna

Monday, March 15, 2010

Huge Sigh Of Relief...

Hi, dear family.
Today, I was glad to learn that all of our injured sisters, except one, have been released from the hospital, and allowed to return to their homes in Japan. I pray our last injured sister will soon be well, too. I am also glad to know that our Charming Prince, and his staff have been taking care of everything regarding the well-being of all of the Japanese sisters who were hurt, Friday. I am not surprised, because I know of the love that our Yong Joon feels for each member of our family. He has shown his affection time and time again, and in so many ways. I hope that all our family continue to remain safe and well. Yong Joon ssi, take care of yourself, and try not to worry, or be sad. We all love you and worry about you. Love to all, Anna

Friday, March 12, 2010

Two Things To Say...

Hi, Family.

Today, I would like to say two things to all of you. First of all, I wish to express my sincere sympathy to all of the Japanese sisters who were injured at the WLS Anime Finale event. My prayers are with all of our dear sisters, to soon make a full recovery from their injuries. Second, I would like to thank all of the Baesisters who have kept us posted about all of the happenings at this event, and hope that they will keep us informed about any news regarding our injured sisters. Love to all, Anna

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Hi, dear Family,
Today I would like to talk about Friendship, and love for one's 'Family'; two things which more and more people seem to take for granted.
In recent years I have had so many people, who were supposed to be friends, who betrayed my trust in them. These people didn't seem to understand that friendships, like any other relationships in life, are partnerships. This means that, in order to maintain the relationship, each person involved needs to contribute 50% of the effort involved. Unfortunately, a lot of people are unwilling to do this. They seem to believe they can take and take from the friendship and never give anything in return. They have a kind of "You should be there for me, but I don't want to be there for you" mentality. This will not work, no matter the type of relationship to which it is applied; romance, marriage, family, or even co-workers and bosses. If we don't make an effort to meet the other person half way, the relationship won't survive. This includes friendships, of course.
On the other hand, I also have long-time friends who tend to give 100% effort to maintaining our friendships; they give and give and expect very little in return. I believe this is known as 'going above and beyond the call of duty' as a friend. I have a good deal of respect and love for these friends, because they make me want to contribute as much as possible to our relationships, making them become fifty/fifty in nature. They are people I will always love, and help in any way I can.  They are more like family than friends.
This brings me around to our BaeFamily. In the short, few months that I have been a Bae Yong Joon Family member, I have found a lot of love, and I have learned so much from our Charming Prince and his philosophy of "Humane Living". It has helped me to see not only the kind of person I was, but the kind of person I want to, and am trying to be. It's interesting how one person can have such a positive effect on the lives of so many other people. We Baesisters have come to a place, through the internet, where we have grown together as a family, and are strengthening the bonds we have made, through continuous contact by messages, photos, and videos which we share with all of the other Family. And we also welcome new family as they join us here on our blogsites. And, even though a great number of us have never met, and may never meet, we still share the same kinds of ideals that Bae Yong Joon had when he started this international Family of ours. I, for one, could not do less than share my love for our family and for BYJ with as many people as I can. I tell everyone who will listen about Yong joon ssi and our Family as often as I get the chance, which is pretty often, since I love to talk to people.
All of  this has only become possible through the efforts of one man, and his undying faith in the inherent goodness, kindness, and love of all mankind. Without his influence, I can honestly say I would not be writing this for all of our family, today. Kamsahamnida, Yong Joon ssi, just for being the wonderful kind of person you are! Love to all Family. Anna

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Have A Happy...

Hi, Bae Family.
I hope that everyone in our Family had or has a wonderful and Happy Valentine's Day! Please, do something special with the ones you love, and let them know how much you care. Happy Valentine's Day Yong Joon ssi, wherever you are, and may you have a great day. Love to all, Anna

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rave, Rave, Rave...

Hi, Sisters.
No rants, today, dears. Just raves; sky high! It is so nice to see new photos of our Charming Prince once again. And my, my does he ever look fit and fine, again! I am glad to see him in such good health, and smiling as usual. (Huge sigh of relief! lol)



It certainly has been a long winter, but now, with all these new images of Yong Joon ssi to admire, it looks as though it may be over soon. Looking at this beautiful 'ray of sunshine' it feels like Spring is already here! (Thanks to the BYJGallery for posting these pics for all of us to enjoy.) Love to all family. Anna

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

There Are Differences, But...

Hi, Family.
Today I would like to touch on a rather sensitive subject. There are so many people out there in the world who can not seem to tell the difference in one Asian nationality from another. These people either assume that all Asians are Chinese or Japanese, or they simply say "Asian" as though it were a dirty word which covered all Eastern peoples and cultures. These small-minded, thoughtless individuals get me so irritated, I can barely stand it. The assumption, on their parts, seems to be "If it's not white, it's not worth the trouble". I would love to grab these people, one at a time, and shake some sense into them, but there's an old saying: "You can't teach them and you can't kill them", which is, sadly, very true. (Not that I, personally, want to kill them; just teach them.)

Some years ago, I was taking some college computer classes with a very nice, lovely Korean/American girl and her sister. This young lady was involved in the college's work-study program as an office assistant. One day a guy student came to the office, where my friend  and I were talking. He asked her about some class he was taking, but she didn't have the information he wanted. He smirked and said: I thought Chinese people were supposed to be smart." My friend stood looking at him for a moment, with hurt and then anger in her eyes. Then she said, very quietly; "I'm not Chinese; I'm Korean." the guy laughed and asked her what was the difference. I had been standing there, listening, with my fists clenched. Before (____) could answer him, I said, "Excuse me, but it makes a great deal of difference to a Korean, being called Chinese or Japanese, or some other Asian nationality. Not that these people have anything against each other, it just isn't fair to label one as being any of the others. They are all different, and unique people in their own way." The guy stared at me, but my friend gave me such a look of gratitude, that I was glad I had spoken up on her behalf. I then proceeded to tell  the guy that it was not fair to assume that all Asian people were Chinese, or Japanese; the way so many people did, instead of realizing there were many Asian cultures. I told him he wouldn't like it if someone assumed he was a Canadian, or some other Caucasian nationality. I also said that I knew (____) was Korean, even though she had never told me that. The guy looked surprised and promptly apologized to my friend.

The sad thing is, this kind of behavior is common all over the Western part of the world; especially here in the United States. I am ashamed of this fact, since I was always taught to be open-minded toward other people, regardless of who they were, or their country of origin. I am glad for this kind of upbringing.  But these thoughtless types are, unfortunately, still my people.

My point is this: why can't people, especially my race, be more sensitive to the feelings of others to the extent of learning something about peoples of other countries, instead of just callously lumping them into a single category? Thank goodness for those individuals, like our American Baesisters, who can do so much more than just distinguish the differences in Asian cultures; we can also see the similarities between these wonderful people and ourselves. That is what this dear Family of ours is all about, after all. This is due, in great part, to the loving influence of our Charming  Prince,  Bae Yong Joon.

On a final note, I am now attending classes with a wonderful Korean exchange student, at our local Junior College. When our first class together had ended, I approached her and asked, "You're Korean, aren't you? She looked surprised, but pleased, and nodded. "Um-hum, how did you know?", she asked. I told her I could tell by the lovely structure of her face, and that my favorite Korean pop singer had the same shape to his face. She thanked me for the compliment, and we became friends from that moment on. In fact, she is now my best friend at the college. She helps me with my Korean language studies, and I help her with her English. As another friend of mine used to say: "It's all good." (RIP, Jeremiah; you are missed.)

 Love to all Family, everywhere. Anna

Friday, January 22, 2010

I Am Upset...KTO!

Hi, Family. I hope all are well.
Today my rant is directed specifically toward Korea Tourism Organization (KTO). Question: why is the 'Korea Inspiring' CF featuring Bae Yong Joon only slated to be shown in Japan? Not Fair! I believe that KTO should show CFs,  featuring our Prince Charming, in countries all around the world.  (No offense to our Japanese Family; just congratulations on their good fortune.) Thankfully we have all of our wonderful Asian Family, from all countries, who have been sharing this BYJ CF with the rest of us. Still KTO is being unfair in the exclusion of the rest of the Asian Family, as well as All of the western part of the Family, from being shown the BYJ CF in all of Our countries. For shame!

I would like to say here, thank goodness for the internet, without which we westerners would not even be able to be a part of this amazing, International Family in the first place.  (On a personal note, in the short time that I have been a Family member, I have been shown such kindness and love by the other Family members, that I am a bit overwhelmed by it all, but in a good way. Kamsahamnida and Arigato,  and  thank you, to all, in many other languages in which I don't know how to say these words. God bless and keep you , Family everywhere. Love to all.) Anna     

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ranting For The Third Time

Hi, Family.
Since a few people seem to have found my rants interesting, I will post another. This time, I want to discuss the way some people think that if other people don't like what they themselves like, it can't be good or right. For example, as aYoutuber for a couple of years now, I have run across commenters on the channels who say things like 'so and so sucks as a singer', or 'he looks like a girl', or 'she sounds like a guy' or other, worse comments. this one is 'gay' or that one is something or other else. Why do people do that sort of thing on the internet at all? If I find myself in a situation where someone asks my opinion on a singer, an actor, or most any other subject, I try, for the most part, to give them a nice answer, or at least a polite one. If I feel negatively about the subject, I still try to criticize in a constructive way. The only instances when I am not that nice is when I see a comment by one of these sour, negative individuals who think their favorite is the best whatever, and that everyone else is wrong. Even then I am icily polite. Now, when an individual raves about a favorite something without putting down someone else tastes, I don't worry about them. I often express my preference for this actor over that one, but without being sarcastic or rude. And, if I comment on a preference that way, I will often provide a URL so that no one has to take my word for it, but can check it out for themselves. My question is: why can't everyone be that way when it comes to 'netiquette'? Don't the majority of people use common courtesy when talking face to face? Then, what is the difference that makes them feel it is o.k. to be rude online? I can't see one. I feel we should have manners and respect even when we can't see the person we are addressing. Don't we do that on the phone? Then why not the 'net'? Now, the whole point I am making is this; I have read a lot of these negative comments which were posted on the numerous videos which fans (family) have made of our Prince charming and uploaded to Youtube. I get so irritated, because these people have probably never even bothered to find out just what a wonderful person our Yong Joon ssi really is. They see him with long hair or when he is giving one of his guy friends a shoulder massage, and they automatically shout 'gay', and I want to yell at them; just because he is sensitive, and a 'touchy-feelie' kind of person doesn't mean he is weird. I am a touchy-feelie person myself. I hug all of my friends, male and female, and I kiss my women friends on the cheek. But, I can tell anyone, when I see our Yong Joon I get positively weak in the knees, which proves I definitely like men. So, with Yong Joon ssi, he just really looks out for everyone who matters to him and tries to make them all comfortable, and help them in any way that he can. Still, he keeps telling everyone that the thing he needs most in his life, right now, is a wife. I don't think a 'gay' guy would say that, not even as a joke; proving where our Prince Charming's true interests are. And proving he is a normal man. And, my, my what a man he is! I don't think any woman could hope for better, because there probably is no such thing. Love to all, Anna

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Here We Go Again...

Hi, Bae Family,
I thought you all might enjoy this rant as well as the last one, considering it is about a recent topic posted on one of the other sisters' site.

Well, it seems as though no one is going to post any comments here, not yet anyway, so I may as well post another rant! This one concerns individuals who consider themselves so expert in a particular field, they think no one else could possibly know as much as they know. I ran into an example of this just today. A certain Asian actor recently wrote a photo essay book and had it published, with not-so-surprising results: it became a mega-bestseller. There was a teacher who told one of his/her students that the book could not have been written by said actor because it was too well-written. Wait a minute. Just because that person is a teacher, that automatically makes them an expert on book writing? And be cause the author is an actor, that means he can't be a writer as well? What the flip? That makes absolutely no sense, whatsoever. Is a celebrity, especially an intelligent, multi-talented one, supposed to be limited to doing only one thing in life? How stereotypical is that kind of thinking? In fact, this particular celebrity has proven the versatility and range of his abilities, on more than one occasion. As actor, model, businessman, artist, musician, and more, this person has shown a wide range of talents. What gives that teacher the right to assume an actor is just capable of being an actor? That is a very narrow-minded view for an educator to take. What kind of influence is that to be to a student? Not a very good one, or so it seems to me. I  have not read the aforementioned Photo essay book, but I am sure of one thing. Given the kind of character which the author is reputed to have, I do not believe he would take credit for writing a book unless he really wrote it. From what I have seen of this person, I am actually certain he would not do that. Thank you. Anna"

(Again, I took this from one of my other blogsites. (Posted Jan. 7, 2010 on "Anna's Roaming Mind")

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Man's A Man...

Hi, Baefamily.

I thought you might enjoy this:

I am ranting today about the way some people are always putting down other people. I have found that many people, all over the world, think Korean men are too feminine. I say, so what? If Korean men want to get in touch with their 'feminine' side, what is that to anyone else? A lot of women, including yours truly, find this to be an attractive quality of these men. To us, it means they are secure enough with their masculinity to be able to delve into the other side of the picture. Perhaps we are in touch, enough, with our masculine side to be able to truly appreciate these guys and their self-awareness. I know I am somewhat masculine, but that doesn't mean I am not all woman and a lady besides. And being feminine doesn't make a guy any less of a man. It just indicates a finer degree of sensitivity, and perhaps a greater understanding of the female counterpart. I, for one, say 'more power to the feminine man, who is still all man!' Thank you. Anna"
(This is a rant I borrowed from one of my other blogsites: Anna's Roaming Mind.)
Be well, all family, everywhere. Love, Anna