Friday, November 26, 2010

Well, Well,Well...

Hello, dear Family.
It is hard for me to believe a whole year has gone by since I set up this blogsite and wrote my first posting as a Baeblogger, but I know it is true! So much has happened since then, I couldn't begin to write about it all here in this posting. I have been privileged to become acquainted with so many BaeFamily members and share in their joys, tears, hopes, dreams, and even some of their fears. And I have also laughed, cried, hoped, dreamed, and feared along with them all. Through all of these things I have grown on both an emotional and spiritual level, and, most importantly, I have learned what it means to be a part of this amazing Bae Yong Joon Family! I am grateful for being able to be a Family member, and to 'know' all of the other Family members here on Blogger, as well as several other blog hosting websites. It is hard for me to contain the joy and  excitement I am feeling as I sit here in Tennessee (USA), on this chilly, rainy morning of 26 November, 2010, writing all of this, in celebration of my first anniversary as a BaeFamily blogger!!! I would like for the whole Family of Baebloggers to share this happy occasion with me, just as we have shared so many other experiences throughout this past year, and I hope everyone will.
As I shared Thanksgiving festivities with my family, yesterday, I thought about all of the things for which I was, and am, thankful. This wonderful Family of ours was very close to the top of my list; right after my own family and a few close friends. That is how important being a part of all this has become to me. Thank you to all of our Sisters (and maybe even a few Brothers) for allowing me to belong. I can't begin to put into words all of the emotions I am feeling right now. I can only say thank you, again. Love to all Family, everywhere, especially Our Charming Prince, who made it all possible in the first place. (Hurray!!!)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Holiday Wish...

Hi, dear Family.
As I will probably not have an opportunity to post anything here for the next few days, I would like to take the time, now, to wish all of the American Family a Happy Thanksgiving! And to send special greetings of love and support to all of the Asian Family during this difficult time of conflict and tension between South and North Korea, which is obviously having far-reaching consequences around the world. At a time when so many are preparing to celebrate the Christmas season, such tensions can not be, and are not, an easy thing with which to deal. Still, we will remain strong as a Family, in spite of whatever difficulties we may face, because we have our love for each other, and our mutual love for Our Charming Prince who gives us all so much love in return. (In the words of sis Myoce, 'BaeFamily fighting'!) My prayers are with all of the Family, worldwide, and especially those in South Korea and so many neighboring countries there in Asia. I may be half a world away, but my heart is there with you all, in hopes that you will continue to have a peaceful and joyous holiday season. Again, Happy Thanksgiving! Love to all family everywhere. Anna

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

So Many Things...

Hi, dear Family.
In the past few weeks I have noticed so many things going on within our BaeFamily; not just with Our Charming Prince, but with our Baesisters as well. The tragedy of death, the miracle of new life, moving from one home to another, traveling because of a job, starting a new website, overcoming difficulties of one sort or another; just living life in general. Having Birthdays, Anniversaries (marriage, blogging, and other kinds), meeting new friends (on the internet as well as in person). Finding our Family members in unexpected, but exciting places (Youtube, Facebook, etc.). It is all a part of living, and learning, which is a very important part of life itself. Without the hard things in life, we would obviously not appreciate the joys, laughter and happiness we are able to share with our Sisters. It is good to know they are there to help us deal with the sorrows as well.
As we Family in The States get ready for our Thanksgiving holiday, I am looking back on the last couple of months with mixed feelings. Sorrow at the loss of people who were important in my life; several of whom I was priviledged to call friends. Joy at the birth of babies (welcome to the Family, little Edward). The love of newly met BaeFamily members by the dozens. All of these things have helped me to grow as a person in many ways. I am sad for all those who have recently suffered losses of family members, I am happy for those with new family additions, and I am grateful to the Facebook sisters I have met, who have helped me feel even more a part of this wonderful BaeFamily. God bless you all, as the holiday season begins, and also throughout the rest of this year and beyond. Love to all Family everywhere. Anna