Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Nice Discovery...

Dear Family,
I have discovered a wonderful thing; a lot of our Baesisters also have Facebook accounts! I am happy to find that they do, and I have sent out 'friend' invitations to as many of them as I could find on Facebook. I have also been priveleged to join several BYJ Facebook sites. All of this is thrilling to me, because so many of the other friends in my life are also members on Facebook, and this could mean I may be able to connect my two separate networks of friends into one group by suggesting they 'friend' each other. I know many of my 'non-BYJ Family' friends would be eager to do that. To them any friend of mine is someone worth having for a friend. They always accept my 'friend' suggestions. I know many of my BYJ Family would be willing to 'friend' others on my recommendations, too, because they trust me and love me, and they know I love them, too. There are still a couple of the Family who may not have accepted me as Family, yet, but I still love them just the same. I am asking all the sisters, who are on Facebook, and who haven't yet accepted my invitations, to please do so. It would mean a lot to me. Love to all Family everywhere. Anna
(My real name is Anna Daugherty, and I'm not worried about anyone knowing that, because there are a lot of  'Anna Daugherty's' in Tennessee, so I am just one of many!)
(Special note of thanks to sisters BB and Myoce who have accepted my invitations.)