Sunday, February 7, 2010

Rave, Rave, Rave...

Hi, Sisters.
No rants, today, dears. Just raves; sky high! It is so nice to see new photos of our Charming Prince once again. And my, my does he ever look fit and fine, again! I am glad to see him in such good health, and smiling as usual. (Huge sigh of relief! lol)



It certainly has been a long winter, but now, with all these new images of Yong Joon ssi to admire, it looks as though it may be over soon. Looking at this beautiful 'ray of sunshine' it feels like Spring is already here! (Thanks to the BYJGallery for posting these pics for all of us to enjoy.) Love to all family. Anna


  1. Dear Anna and Bae sisters:
    Greetings on an incredible stormy winter. It seems that nobody saw the GroundHog. So we are having a streak of snowstorm, twice in a row with 5 to 8 inches of snow on top of two feet of ice already accumulated in the unshovelled streets. We have to write our own Winter Sonata!
    I am still wondering why some photographs (as above) of Bae Yong Joon have lost the brilliance of his eyes, and naturalness of his smile. While the latest photographs with tousled hair and a rough coat have regained the radiance of his eyes, although the smile is not as it used to be.
    Indeed, Bae Yong Joon's secret weapons are his radiant eyes, his sunlight smile and regal walk.
    Keep warm and healthy.
    Sarang Hamnida,

  2. Hi, sister Josephine.
    I've been wondering the same things, my dear. I get the feeling that, even though our Yong Joon looks well and healthy, he may still be feeling the effect of his fall illness, or perhaps he is tired from his usual busy schedule. I only hope he is not getting sick again. We have all been worried about him, I know. I am praying he will stay well. Happy Chinese New Year, sister Josephine!
    Sarang Hamnida,
    P.S. Those Korean lessons are starting to come in handy, at least what I have learned, so far. A.D.

  3. hola ana cómo estas?
    es verdad los fríos del invierno están por terminar y el sol radiante de primavera se acerca.
    yo a Bae le sigo viendo muy lindo, su sonrisa es hermosa y su mirada sigue siendo muy tierna, y cómo bien dices radiante bajo la luz del sol que pareciera iluminara nuestros corazones.
    Yo le veo muy bien aunque deseo se encuentre recuperado totalmente de su salud y que encuentre pronto la otra mitad de su corazón, talvez sea lo que le hace falta para completar su felicidad.
    Gracias por compartir tan lindo blog.
    Saludos, con cariño Cecy México.

  4. Hola, hermana cecy.
    Sí, nuestro Yong Joon tiene realmente un resplandor todos su propio. Él parece a una estrella brillante, entonces adivino que es apropiado para él para ser un actor. Por supuesto, es el hombre que amamos, no la celebridad. Él todavía sería como especial si él no fuera famoso, pero entonces sólo sabemos de él porque él es famoso. ¿Is'nt ello extraño? Me alegro le gustó mi fijación de blog, y usted es muy bienvenido. Tener cuidado. Anna (Estados Unidos)


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