Friday, November 30, 2012

I'm Late...

Hello, dear Bae-Family bloggers. I hope everyone in blogger-land has been doing well. I am a few days late with this posting, due to all of the Thanksgiving festivities, not to mention holiday guests staying over with me. I hope all they Bae-sisters who celebrated Thanksgiving had a wonderful time with their families and friends. This has been a year of change for everyone in The BYJ Family. So many of us here on the blogs have connected on Facebook as well. There have been new Family members whom we've 'met' on FB, and a few connections which have been broken, as well. Overall, we have grown even closer, as an internet Family, and learned so many things together. We have shared laughter, smiles, sighs, news, photos, feelings, sorrow and tears. Most of all, we have continued to share our love for Our Prince, BYJ. He is still the foundation on which Our internet family is built. I feel as though we owe him so much, for his kindness, caring, understanding and love. I, personally, am still struggling with my health; trying to get to a point where I can say I really feel healthy, everyday. For now, I must take things one day at a time, in the struggle to regain some of the feelings of well-being which I have found are really so important in life. But, through all of the things that have changed this past year, one thing has not changed and that is all the love which is shared by Our Bae-Family, for each other, and for Our Prince. The point of this posting is that I am trying to do my part to help that love stay strong. I may not always feel like posting here on this blog, but I still will come and post when there is anything so important it must be shared. In this case, I came here and posted just to say that American Bae Fan is now 3-years old, as of November 26, 2012! Thanks, to all of the people, Bae-Family and others, who have kept this blog from being forgotten, by coming here and 'following' ABF and for not giving up on it or me. Lots of hugs, all! (Anna) 

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