Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back Again...

Hi, Bae-Family bloggers and blog-readers. Well, it has taken me a longer time than I imagined, to get settled into my 'new' place, but I have finally gotten all my belongings sorted out and organized they way I want them, and I've also gotten wired internet service, so I (hopefully, fingers crossed) won't have any more of the kind of trouble that I had before, with my connection. I hope everyone here on the Bae blogs has been doing well. (I need to try to 'catch up' with all the things that are going on with all my blogger Bae-sisters.)

I don't really know where to begin, to try to take up the threads of my own blog and begin posting here once again, but I am going to try to get back in the 'swing' of all things BYJ. I have missed being here. I always have missed it, whenever I was forced, by circumstances, to be absent from my blog and all the dear blog-sisters. I have missed my dear Bae-sister bloggers, too. I have missed all the updates on Our Prince's latest activities, and the clever writing styles of the different blogger sisters who post them. I have missed the close-ness of commenting back and forth with all those nice ladies. I have missed the moral support which is always given from one sister to another, and shared by all, during the difficulties that each one faced from time to time. To me those things are what have made us a family of bloggers and, more importantly, what have made us Bae-sisters.

I want to thank all the sisters who have visited this blog, in my absence, and subscribed to it, and those who are following it, too. My health has greatly improved. since my last posting here, and I hope to be able to continue to come here, often, and post to this Bae-Family blog. I also want to thank any one else who has visited this blog and may have found it to be interesting. I hope that those people will come back and find that my blog is 'active' again. And, I pray that it will remain active, because of my being able to come here and keep it that way.

I have also started a new blog about healthy eating which is called 'The Diet That Works', where I will be sharing tips about my customized eating plan and recipes for healthy, 'diet' meals. I hope my Bae-sisters here on Blogger will check it out and maybe even leave a comment or two. Now I am going to go and do some 'catching up', here on my Bae-sister's blogs. Until my next posting, please take good care, one and all, and lots of hugs, dears. (Anna)

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