Thursday, November 26, 2009

Welcome to My Fan Blog

Hi, everyone! Even though this blog is set up primarily for use by American fans (family) of Internationally popular Korean actor and superstar Bae Yong Joon, all family members, worldwide, are welcome to post comments, etc. here. I am new to this, and therefore nervous, so please be patient with me, and I will do my best to be the same with all of you. I have been a BYJ fan since June, 2009. I first saw him in "Winter Sonata" on Youtube, and I was hooked right from the start. Since then, I can't get enough of this amazing, gorgeous actor. Of course, I'm sure that's true for most of his fans (family), otherwise he wouldn't be so popular, would he? Lol. As for the gorgeous part, he has always been that way, as far as I can tell. But, that's not the only reason we love him, now is it? I have read a lot of nice things about this lovely man, in blogs and postings all across the internet. The things which stand out most in all of these are BYJ's gentlemanly attitude and manner, his true appreciation of, and dedication to, all his fans (family) worldwide, and his genuine love for all mankind. Could we, or should we even dare, ask for more? Isn't all of this reason enough to love him as we do? You tell me. That's why I'm here, after all.

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