Sunday, November 29, 2009


Old Books
I love old books; I love their scents,
of huge, old castles with strong, stone walls
and dusty shelves filled with relics
of knights and warriors.

I love old books; I love their pages,
brown with age; stiff and fragile,
falling apart as the castles crumble,
and turn to dust.
                                             Anna Daugherty
      Well, I guess it's time to post something new, here. Not that this is exactly new. It was written, some years ago, by an eleven-year-old girl. The inspiration for posting it here isn't new, either. I was surfing the web a few weeks ago, and I came across a video of a CF in which Yong Joon-ssi was smelling the pages of a book. (One of my favorite scents in the world is the smell of old acid paper books. Smells just like dried leaves in autumn. Try it yourself, and see.) Any way, that image in the CF reminded me of this poem, so I decided to post it here for everyone to read and, I hope, enjoy.


  1. Hello Anna!
    It's good to find your blog. This is an interesting poem. Personally I like the smell of burnt dried leaves especially the dried coconut leaves. Reminds me when I was young when it's used for cooking.

  2. Hi, Baesister, HYDS.
    Welcome to my site. Thank you for your comment on my poem. It is written in blank verse. I didn't even know what that was at eleven-years-old. I just liked the way the words sounded together. I have never smelled burning palm leaves, but it sounds nice. I remember the smell of hickory wood when my dad would build a big fire in the fireplace. Now, whenever I smell burning hickory it takes me back to my childhood. Please, visit me here as often as you like, and please tell the other Bae family members they are welcome, too.

  3. Annyonghaseyo, I'm an American Bae fan, too! : )

  4. Annyoung Haseyo, Tamar. Nice to meet another Bae fan from any country, especially my own. What lovely red hair you have. Wish mine were. I always wanted red hair, but had to settle for chestnut. (Close, but not close enough to suit me.) I hope you like my site. I've been having a few problems with it. Hence the name of my last posting. The internet is fun, but sometimes it can be a real pain. still, I'm grateful for it overall. Without it I would never have discovered our handsome prince, BYJ. Waah! Do you speak Korean? I am just beginning to learn it, myself. Not too difficult, if I just had more time to devote to my studies. As a full-time college student who has a part-time job I am pretty busy. Not too busy to communicate with my Bae family, though. Never that busy. Welcome, and please spread the word. All BYJ family are welcome here! Be well, my sister. Anna

  5. I speak a little Korean, not a lot and I wouldn't call myself fluent. Rosetta stone and watching K-dramas help you pick up phrases they may not teach you in most language books.
    If you haven't already checked it out, soompi has an active BYJ thread.

  6. Hi, Tamar1973,
    It is good to hear from a Bae Family member. I have a good Korean language program from Elearning, which I downloaded and printed out, but I am always eager to find other sites which can help me learn this lovely language even better. Thank you for your suggestions, sweetie. It's like getting a gift, here on my birthday. Be well, my sister. Love, Anna


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