Friday, March 12, 2010

Two Things To Say...

Hi, Family.

Today, I would like to say two things to all of you. First of all, I wish to express my sincere sympathy to all of the Japanese sisters who were injured at the WLS Anime Finale event. My prayers are with all of our dear sisters, to soon make a full recovery from their injuries. Second, I would like to thank all of the Baesisters who have kept us posted about all of the happenings at this event, and hope that they will keep us informed about any news regarding our injured sisters. Love to all, Anna


  1. hola anna, realmente es muy triste lo que sucedió, yo solo puedo decir que mi corazón y apoyo están con BYJ, y oro por la recuperación de las hermanas lecionadas.
    cuidate mucho.
    con cariño cecy México.

  2. Hola, hermana cecy.
    Sí, hace mi dolor de corazón para nuestro Yong Joon-ssi para verlo tan triste sobre el accidente. Gracias por su comentario agradable. Tenga cuidado de usted. Respetos, Anna


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