Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy, Happy...

Hi, Family.
I would like to wish every one of the Baesisters, around the world, a very Happy Easter! I want to thank all of the sisters who have been posting all those new, wonderful photos of our Charming Prince. without their help, some of us in the Family would not get to see pictures like these, nor to find out what is happening in Baeworld. I feel I owe you all so much for your thoughtfulness in sharing all the news of our Yong Joon-ssi with me, and the rest of our Family. I worry about everyone. Please take care of yourselves and be well.
Love to all Family everywhere. Anna



  1. Hi Anna Dear,

    Happy Easter and always be well too...

    Loving U, Leny ^^

  2. Hi, Leny.
    Thank you, dear, and I hope you and your children are well, too.

  3. Happy Easter Anna! Hope you had a great time. Is spring in full swing in your place? Take care always. Love, Hyds

  4. Hi, sis HYDS.
    Actually, I had a very quiet Easter Sunday, spent reading e-mails, watching a bit of telly and relaxing. I had spent the previous day with family, because there was a birthday party, with the usual cake and ice cream, and presents, of course. My eldest granddaughter was 9-years-old on Sunday, but her mum wanted her to have a special day, all her own, apart from all the Easter celebration. We had a lot of fun.
    Our spring has really taken off; Ornamental pear trees, everywhere you look, are in full bloom, and daffodils (or jonquils) are all over the place. My favorite early spring flower.
    I hope you had a lovely Easter, too, dear. Stay well.
    Love, Anna


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