Monday, April 19, 2010


Hi, Family.
I am sure we are all anxiously awaiting the completion of the first episodes of "Dream High", if only to see what kind of role our Charming Prince will play in the series. I am so anxious, myself, that it is hard to concentrate on  my college studies. With the spring semester nearing its end, I will have more time, during summer break, to devote to this and all my other blogs, and to some other activities which I have 'in the works'.
A friend and I have some things we want to do for our mutual benefit, concerning which, I will try to keep posts on my 'Whatever Strikes My Fancy' blog. (This one being strictly for news of our Yong Joon-ssi and the Family.)
Can't wait, can't wait, for more news about "Dream High"; and a special 'thank you' to all the sisters who have been keeping us all posted about current developments in that area. (I, personally, can just picture our BYJ as a music/drama teacher, clashing with a hard-nosed principle, who may think the school music or drama program is a waste of time, or something of that sort.) (There goes my imagination, again; off on a complete odyssey all its own, when I don't even know enough about the show to make it take off that way. Naughty imagination! Shame. Get a grip! Sounds like a good story, though. hee hee!)
 Seriously, does it bother anyone else when production companies are so secretive about a T.V. show, or movie? It sort of drives me 'bats'. Sorry. I know, I will just have to be patient and wait and see, like everyone else. 'Patience is a virtue'; just not one of mine. (smiles.) I need the Family's help with this one; to keep me in line, until time for the first episode of 'Dream High' to air on T.V. And, even beyond then, unless someone uploads the show to Youtube; otherwise, I may not get to see it until much later.
Sorry, dears, I don't mean to sound as though I am complaining. I am happy that our Charming Prince is involved in a new project, and that he is having his management to keep us posted on the progress of the drama. I have just missed him so much, and he has so seldom been in the public eye in recent months, that I am all excited about this whole thing! I hope everyone else in the family is excited, too.
I will try to curb my enthusiasm, for now, and wait and see what happens. Not an easy thing to do, but I promise, I will try!
Love to all the Family, Anna


  1. hola Anna,
    Me da mucho gusto saber que estas bien y que pronto tendras vacaciones y así tener un poquito más de tiempo para poder saludarnos entre otros planes que tengas.
    Si es verdad, en lo particular estoy contenta y anciosa de ver nuevamente a a nuestro príncipe Bae en otra de sus actuaciones, creo cómo bien dices que la paciencia es una virtud y el ser admiradora de Bae me ha enseñado que así es, pués a veces pasa tiempo sin saber de él y volver a ver otro de sus dramas también, pero bueno desde TWSSG hace ya tres años no le habíamos visto actuar y saber que pronto lo hará me llena de emoción.
    Cuidate mucho y suerte en tus estudios
    Con cariño Cecy México.

  2. Hola, hermana Cecy.
    Gracias por sus comentarios agradables, mi amiga. Soy feliz que usted es feliz. Hemos esperado mucho tiempo a nuestro Príncipe Encantador para hacer otro programa de televisión, pero pienso que valdrá la pena necesidad esperar durante tres años. Amo BYJ, y le deseo la mejor de la suerte en todo que él hace. Sé que toda la familia siente el mismo camino que hago. Tome el cuidado bueno, mi querida hermana. Recuerdos, Anna


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