Thursday, May 6, 2010

Even Better...

Hi, dear Family.

Now I have something even better than the 'Dream High' production news about which to get excited. Our Charming Prince and his company are finally going to publish "A Journey to Discover The Beauty of Korea" in English! How I have waited to hear this news! Taiwan and China will also be getting translations of 'the book'! I am happy for the Family in all of these countries; especially my own. Canadian Family members will, of course, benefit indirectly from the American publishing, because they can order the book from here. So can all the Family in English-speaking countries around the world, such as England, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and Scotland. And we can't forget about our Family in Europe, Mexico,  South America, and all of the world's island nations, because many of them also speak English, as a second language. I believe the English printing of "Beauty" will be as helpful to all these Family members as the Chinese printing will be to a large part of the Family in Asia. I am so thrilled for everyone of us who will finally get a chance to read our Dear Yong Joon-ssi's lovely book! Oh,oh!!! Can't wait, can't wait!!! (Feeling weak with excitement.) I think we should all help other family members in countries where the book is not being published, yet. I have made a promise to a certain Sister, to keep her posted about the release dates for the book, as soon as I know anything, myself. If I can help any other of the Baesisters in this way, they should certainly let me know, and I will gladly do my best for them.  After all, we are Family, aren't we? I truly believe that we are. Love to all Family everywhere. Please be well and take care. Anna


  1. Dear Anna,

    this is my first time writing a comment in your blog. I too feel very happy that the Beauty of Korea will be available in English. I live in Canada and would be happy to help sisters who live further away get a copy if that is easier. Let's revisit when the book comes out.

  2. Hi,dear Gosijo.
    First, I want to thank you for visiting my blogsite. I hope you enjoyed the things I have on my site. Everyone in the BaeFamily has been so nice to me. I feel like I belong, even though I have only been a Baefan for about 11 months. I want to help other sisters to be able to get and enjoy our Charming Prince's book, too. I have already promised to inform sister Hyds when the book gets published here in The States, so I will be glad to talk with you again when the book is finally available. Maybe, together, we can help a lot of our English-speaking sisters to get their own copies. Of course, you can visit me here anytime you like, before then. You, and all the other BaeFamily are always welcome. Take care and be well.


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