Sunday, June 27, 2010

What Is Love...?

Hi, dears,

What is your definition of love; romance, friendship, caring, consideration, thoughtfulness, family, marriage? To many of us in the Baefamily, Our Charming Prince is a shining example of what love really means, otherwise we might not think of him as being Ours. 

I have noticed that many Family members worry a lot about Yong Joon-ssi. To me this is one of the many ways they use to express their love for him. Others worry about their other favorite celebrities. Again I see this as an expression of their true affection and caring for those individuals, and I give them credit for being so loving. 
 Some people might think that the Family who worry a lot do so unnecessarily, but I disagree with that thinking. Sometimes caring involves worrying. I ask myself, 'what kind of person would I be if I didn't worry about the people I love'? I think the answer is that I would rather care too much than too little.

Please, don't misunderstand me. I am not criticizing any of my dear Baefamily members. I have not now, nor for as long as I have been a Family member, had any reason to be critical of anyone in our lovely family. I am just saying that I Admire the loving attitudes demonstrated by all of them, whatever forms those attitudes may take.

I know that some people are less affectionate, but that doesn't mean they are any less loving. I also know that all of our Baesisters, with whom I have become acquainted here on the net, have shown a loving and supportive unity; not just toward me, but toward each other. I admire that, too, and I admire them as well.  They are being true to Our Charming Prince's philosophy of "Humane Living".
As for that wonderful guy, I believe he might actually be even more of an affectionate 'hugger' than I am. That is saying a lot, because I hug all of my friends; both men and women. I live to hug!!!

One thing which I have learned in life is that it isn't as important how you love, or whom you love. Those choices must, and should, be left up to the individual. (I know I wouldn't like someone telling me whom I could or couldn't, or should or shouldn't love.) The important part is how much you love that person or persons. If worrying is your way of saying 'I love you', I have to say I respect that.

For the Family who are not worriers, I know you have loving hearts with more calm outlooks on life and its ups and downs. I admire that, and often wish I had a bit more calmness inside of me.

Still, if we all were the same in our feelings and outlooks, wouldn't it be a dull world? I know I would definitely not like that. I like finding emotional differences in the people I meet, because I know deep down we are all the same; we are human beings. That makes the differences mean less than the similar things we share; like our love for Bae Yong Joon.

Love to all Family, everywhere.

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  1. Hi Anna!! Like this writing of yours.. I still remember what Junsang said to Yujin in WlS. Loving someone need no reason. We love just because..

  2. Hi, sister HYDS.
    Thank you for the compliment. I like that part in WLS. It is one of my favorites.
    It is so good to know that you are more like your usual self. I was worried there, for a time, yet hopeful that you would find a way to deal with your internal conflict. I can't tell you how glad I am to see you blogging again. (We Sagittarians are a tough lot when the chips are down, though, aren't we? Like the old axiom: 'When the going gets tough...'.)
    Nice to see your comments on my blogsites again, too. I have missed them. Take care, baby girl. (that's what I call my daughter)

  3. This calls for a hug.
    Keep smiling :-)!

  4. Hola annacronism, me da gusto saludarte, apenas unos momentos antes he leido tu comentario, sabes?, me da mucha alrgria me visites y saber que estes bien.
    No puedo dejar pasar sobre la noticia tan triste de Park Yong - ha ( Sang Hyuk ), se me parte el corazón ver esas imagenes tan llenas de dolor...,
    sólo Dios sabe por que sucedio así, la primera vez que ví " Winter Sonata " fué un jueves por la noche y era en verano, así que llovía, la serie tenía semanas que había comenzado, pero lo primero que ví es cuando Sang Hyuk llorando borra un mensaje para Yu - jin en el celular, no entendía muy bien que pasaba pero en ese momento me dió tristeza ver como ese chico lloraba y te juro que jamás había tenido esos sentimientos con ningun otro drama.
    ......., un chico muy joben y con mucho que compartir aún.., yo creo que hacía falta un angel en el cielo y Dios le escogio a el .....
    haaa....., cuidate mucho mi hermana y mi amiga annacronism, hasta pronto.
    Con cariño Cecy.

  5. Gracias, querida Bae-hermana cecy. Soy feliz hablar con usted, también, aun si la circunstancia es uno triste. Aparque Yong Ah era el idiota mucho más viejo que mi hijo, y es difícil pensar en un hombre tan joven que muere de un modo tan triste. Por favor, rece para todos Yong Ah-ssi's familia y amigos, que ellos pueden pasar todos este tiempo malo juntos. Tenga cuidado, querido.

  6. Hi, nimaruichi.
    Hug away, my friend; I am agreeable. To me hugs are as important as eating, breathing, or sleeping. I so often feel I could almost live on them. I guess that is part of what keeps me younger-looking than I really am. Here's a 'cyber-hug' to you. Later, dear.
    Love ya,


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