Sunday, June 6, 2010

Special Posting...

Hi, Dear Family.

I know it is now 7 June in Asia, but I have just learned about something. I am posting here to say that I hope all of the Family in Asia had a peaceful Korean Memorial Day (현충일)(顯忠日) (Hyeon Chung-il). And a blessed and peaceful Korean Memorial Day to all the Family in all Western countries, where it is June 6, today. Here in America, as some of you know, we have a Memorial Day observance, too. Ours falls on the last Sunday in May, and we take flowers and visit family grave sites and pay our respects, pretty much the same as they do in South Korea. Then, some families have a quiet Sunday dinner in honor of our departed loved ones. These customs are very beautiful, but sometimes sad, if someone has recently passed away. It is good to know people in other countries have these kinds of occasions, for remembering the family and friends who are no longer there. But, their spirits and memories will remain alive as long as we remember and cherish them. Take care and be well. Love to all Family everywhere. Anna

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