Thursday, August 5, 2010

Here We Go Again...

Hi, dear Family,
I am sorry I haven't posted here in a few days. My laptop computer crashed 5 days ago and I had to get a friend to help me restore all of it's programs.
I wrote a posting for one of my other blogsites, 'Something Rather Unusual', a few days prior to 'the crash' which dealt with the fact that many people were always asking me about the Avatar I had here and on my 'Facebook' account. I explained about that Avatar in that particular blogposting. Anyone wishing to read it can find it on the blogsite mentioned above.
Well, I changed that 'Facebook' Avatar because I got so many questions and comments about it. I put my favorite BYJ picture in its place:

Now people keep asking me about this picture, too. I am always getting e-mails from female friends who want to know who the 'handsome guy' is, where did I get this picture, and so on. I am not surprised by this, because Our Charming Prince will be popular and admired wherever he is seen, no matter which photos, videos, TV series, or movies with him in them, that people see. 
I don't mind answering questions about this pic the way I minded about my other Avatar. (That one is a long story and it is hard to keep telling it over and over again.) If people want to know about Our BYJ, I just give them the 'American Bae Fan' URL and tell them to check it out and all of the other Baeblogs as well. That is so much easier to do than to keep relating the same story on and on. It makes me very grateful to have this blog and to have access to all of the other BaeFamily sites, as well. Thank you, sisters, for having these blogs. You, and they, are all very much appreciated.  Take care, and be well, all BaeFamily everywhere. 

(Note: I also have this picture as my laptop's desktop background, so I can look at Our Charming Prince the first thing in the morning, after I log on to my computer. What a beautiful way to start the day! Sigh.)


  1. What is with computers crashing this summer. Most of my friends have had computer issues over the last few weeks or so.

  2. Hi, sister Tamar.
    Long time no talk, girl. I don't know what the deal is with computer crashes; must be a virus going around. How have you been, dear? I feel like I have been on a different planet, myself. It sure is good to be back on this one. Hopefully, to stay.LOL I have been reading your postings as my laptop blues have permitted, I just couldn't always post comments on most of the blogs. Sorry about that. I am trying to make up for it now. Take care, hon. Love ya,

  3. Hola anna, tamar tiene razón, ahora mismo yo he tenido dificultad para poder entrar, es muy tardado, esta muy lento, pero bueno logre entrar.
    Me da gusto saber que estas bien, es una imagen muy linda de nuestro Bae es de mis preferidas que son tantas que no acabaría de mencionar.
    Gracias por compartirla, saludos.
    Con cariño Cecy.

  4. Hola, hermana Cecy.
    Gracias, queridos. Me alegro le gustó el cuadro de nuestro Príncipe Encantador. Cuando Tamar dijo, mucha gente ha estado teniendo problemas de computadora. Conozco a varias otras personas que han estado teniendo el problema de Internet. Espero que usted esté bien, querida hermana. Tener cuidado. Amor, Anna

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  6. Hi, sister Josephine.
    Sorry, my dear, that I haven't replied to your comment sooner. My son and I have had to set up a wired internet connection and are now working from a shared computer. I hope you are well. I thank you for the pertinent information which you have shared here. It is vital we insure the well-being of pre-mature infants all around the world. Babies are precious and should be regarded so. I am glad to know our Yong Joon-ssi is aware of this fact, and is able to do something to aid in insuring Asian infants have the best chance for survival which can be offered to them. However, nothing he does surprises me anymore. Not after I have seen the many facets to his good character. I am only left with a stronger admiration for him with each new charitable act or deed which he performs. Thank you, dear, for reminding us all of the extent of Our Charming Prince's generosity. Take care and be well, dear.
    Sarang Hamnida,


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