Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's Not You...

Hi dear family.
Today I am posting this to send a special message to all of the Baesisters. Whenever I post rants on my 'Roaming Mind' blogsite, they are not meant to include any of the Bae Family. I have never seen where any of you ladies have done any of the things that I have ranted about in that blog. My rants are directed toward those people who speak English as a first language and who don't seem to know how to use it very well in spite of that fact. I understand if people of other nationalities have trouble with my language; I have had trouble learning Korean, and I am still having trouble. I honestly have to say that, in general, the Asian Bae Family use my language better than a lot of people who were born English speakers. Bravo, ladies! I am proud to know all of you. But, it does make me ashamed of a lot of Caucasian Americans who don't seem to know, or care, about not abusing the English language. You all could stand as good examples to many of them. Again, I say Bravo! Take care and be well.
Love to all,

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