Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Am Sorry...

Hello, Family.
I hope all of you are well on this hot and beautiful 'high' summer day.

I am posting this, today, because I have come to a sad realization. I have just been fooling myself. I have wanted to believe that I have been a welcome part of this Family, and, to some of the blogger Family members, I have. I am thankful and grateful to those few. (You dear ladies know who you are.) (I understand that many are busy with their own lives, yet many of them take the time to acknowledge other sister's comments. Why not mine? What have I done to offend them? I really want to know. In fact, I feel I have a right to know, so please, won't some of you tell me?)

I know I am still a relative newcomer  and outsider to many of the Family, but I also know I love Our Charming Prince as much as anyone else who posts these blogs. And, I also know that I am a BYJ Family member in good standing. All I had to do to achieve that status was to sign up as a Family member on The BYJ Official site, because he welcomes and loves everyone; no matter who they are or their country of origin.  (The concept is, after all, "Humane Living", isn't it? To truly try to love everyone in the world.)

It just saddens me to know I have, pretty much, with few exceptions, been banging my head against a wall, here, hoping for acceptance. The thing is, I am here to stay, for as long as this is the direction in which my life takes me. From my viewpoint, that will be a long time. Acceptance is good, and desirable, but not always given. Still, I have learned a valuable lesson from the great Martin Luther, who founded the Lutheran Church. When he was shunned and ridiculed by his peers, he wrote:

"They drew a circle and shut me out;
Heretic, rebel; a thing to flout.
But, love and I had the wit to win,
We drew a circle, and took them in."

So, you see, I will still continue to love all of the BaeFamily, all around the world; regardless of how they see me, or what they think of me. (I don't have to know them personally; I just have to believe the same way as Our Yong Joon-ssi.) I am sorry if this offends anyone, but I must speak my mind, here. And, Josephine, dear, before you or Tamar say anything, in your direct, but always refreshing and always welcome manner, thank you, both, and thanks to the other few sisters for showing me your kindness and sisterly friendship. It is very much appreciated.

I could say more, but I won't. I would just like, please, for the sisters to read this, and think about what I've said. (I know I don't post comments on all of the sister's sites. Please forgive me if this fact has offended any of you bloggers. It isn't because I don't love you; it is because you often blog about topics which don't interest me. That is just my preference, and has nothing to do with any of you, personally. Your tastes in entertainment, and celebrities are fine with me. Just, please understand if I don't share them. It is great that you all like the singers and actors that you do like. I say, more power to you. I have my other favorite celebrities as well. I am a huge Ko Yu-Jin fan, though I doubt there are many of those here, besides me. That's fine, too. I like reading the different postings about celebrities besides Our Charming Prince; although the ones about him are the most special to me. Those blog posts have helped me gain a greater appreciation for all of the talented Asian celebrities out there whom I have not yet discovered. (A special 'thank you' to all of the Kim Hyun Joong fans.) Whoever you sisters like and admire, I will be like I told sister bb; be yourselves and like whom and what you like, and I will cheer and applaud you. And I will say 'you go, girl!")

Again, a special, heartfelt thank you to the sisters who have taken me into their hearts as a member of this dear Family that means as much to me as my own flesh and blood family, or any of my other friends. Take care, and please know I didn't write any of this to hurt anyone here; but only because I have been hurt and I had to make my feelings known in the matter. (Perhaps some of the sisters have not consciously ignored me, but I really don't know. To any with whom this may be the case, my apologies.) Take care, and be well, everyone.

Love to all family, everywhere.

PS: If anyone wishes to comment on this blog, they are still always welcome, but I probably won't be doing much commenting on other blogs. Not for now, anyway. A.


  1. Dear Sister Anna, everyone who has ever started a blog on any topic will have times when their posts draw lots of comments and some that draw none. There are posts I've written which I thought for certain would draw all kinds of comments and there are none. There are other posts which I presumed would barely be noticed and instead they draw lots of commentary.
    You have to understand that many of Bae's family don't know much English, particularly on KOB and JOB (After all, those of us from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines etc. are a minority compared to his Korean and Japanese fan base) so many of them may read what you have to say but never respond because they don't have confidence in their English proficiency.

  2. Dear, dear sister Tamar,
    Thank you for your nice comments, but it is my comments on other sister's blogs which have me upset. I know for a fact that some of the sisters who have ignored me are native English speakers, although I am not specifying their particular countries here. (They know who they are.)I do understand about the non-English-speaking sisters, and I have made allowance for them, already. I also understand about exercising caution on the internet, but if you can't trust BaeFamily members on here, then whom can you trust? At least, that's my way of thinking. As I said, dear, I do admire your direct and refreshing way of communicating. I like honesty, period. Thank you, hon, for being there, like the few others who have been so supportive to this "newbie". (BTW, I have been a Bae blogger for nearly a year, now, although congratulations aren't quite appropriate, yet.) Take care, dear, and keep posting about all that yummy Korean cuisine; it looks delicious, even if I can't eat it.

  3. Oh Anna ...I'm sooo mad....I wrote a long comment and it got lost grrrr.

    Dearest Anna,

    Please don't be discouraged about blogging and commenting... don't take it all to heart,dear ... because you'll be hurt over and over again.

    I've come to realize that I blog for my own satisfaction, and that there are all kinds of bloggers...there are some bloggers with great blogs who do not reply to all the comments [which I try not to do...but still guilty of missing a few...sob].

    Some blogs have so many comments that if the blogger respond to all the comments he or she won't have time left for 'off-line' life let alone for posting. There could be so many reasons why bloggers do not respond to comments.

    Just remember there are us, Baesisters who love you and who are sometimes silent readers of your blog.

    Let us let go of all negative thoughts and focus on the positives [even though there's less of'em P ].

    Baesisters Fightiiing !!

    LOTS of Love,
    myoce [your next door blog neighbor^^]

  4. hola amiga y hermana annacronism, de antemano te pido una disculpa por mi poco ingles, ¿ sabes ?, poco uso el traductor porque siento como si no fuera exacto lo que trato de transmitir.
    no se si te entendi bien, yo agradezco ser parte de la baefamily porque he conocido a gente tan linda como tu, el ser ferviente admiradora de nuestro príncipe me ha ayudado también el conocer parte de su cultura, parte de ella sus dramas con otros actores y músicos o cantantes también, yo en lo particular admiro a Lee Dong - gun me encanta como actúa y canta líndisimo.
    aveces siento como si a nadie le interesara mis comentarios en talk box o en la galeria de BYJ, por sus pocas respuestas, aunque también pienso que puede ser por el idioma situación un tanto dificil, porque el amor por nuestro principe rompe fronteras en culturas ideologias o idiomas.
    yo te agradezco siempre tu atención en responder a mis comentarios y tus visitas a nuestro blog, ¿ sabes ? ahora ya no me interesa cuanta gente me pueda visitar a Belleza de Corea lo importante es recibir las visitas y comentarios de gente tan lindas como tú.
    gracias por brindarme siempre tu amistad.
    con cariño cecy méxico.

  5. Dear Anna,
    I'm sorry if you feel that way and I have to apologise if I ever made you feel that way too. You have been an earnest visitor to my site and I truly and deeply appreciate your presence and friendship. I understand about the commenting on other sites, I too don't do a lot for various reasons. It could be that I had an off day and just not feeling well. I'd rather comment when I'm in a plesant mood rather than comment just for the sake of it. I'd rather not say something I might end up deleting in the end. I did that in the past and not would not want to do that again. I agree with Tammy that we can't expect people to say something, not many are confident enough to express their thoughts in words. Even myself I still struggle but I try hard not to get daunted and still express myself even if it had to be through photographs.
    You obviously have a gift to write about anything and I admire you for that. Please don't let this get to you. Do what your heart desires always and continue what enjoy doing most. Take care and God bless.

  6. Dearest Myoce,
    I am sorry I have made my dear sisters sad or made any of you fell bad. I never meant for that to happen. (Me and my big mouth.)I have no doubts of your sisterly affection nor that of all the other sisters who have been so supportive of me. You ladies accepted me into the family right from the start. Thank you, dear, for your kind, loving words. Please, don't be sad because of me. I love this Family so much. Again, I am sorry. Baesisters fighting!!! (I like that.) Take care dear, and if you read my postings silently, that's o.k. too.
    Lots of love,

  7. Dearest sister HYDS,
    You have always made me feel welcome and valued in our BaeFamily, dear. You were the very first person who commented on my Baeblog. I never meant to make any of my dear Baesisters sad with my writings, but it seems I have done just that. sigh. Please forgive me for causing you any distress, girl. I have said before that you are one of my angels, and I know you feel the same way about me. I am like you in not commenting on blogs unless I am in a positive mood. I had never thought someone might feel a bit overwhelmed by answering blog comments. Thank you, dear, for making me see that. Be happy, hon, and thank you for your continuous and loving moral support.

  8. Querido, querido, hermana cecy,
    Siento si le he hecho triste, mi querida hermana. Le agradezco por el elogio, aunque yo no piense que soy una persona hermosa. Usted y todos mis queridos Baesisters son la gente hermosa a mí. Gracias por ser tan agradable a mí, y para su amistad. Me alegro le gusta el Dong-arma de Sotavento. Usted es muy bienvenido para mis visitas a su blog. Somos hermanas. Tenga cuidado, querida hermana cecy.
    con amor,


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