Saturday, April 9, 2011


Dear Baefamily, I must apologize for not having posted here on this blog for several months. I have had so many personal matters with which I have had to deal, and I also suffered a time of illness during which I was hospitalized twice within one month's time. I am much better now, so we won't talk about that. When I wasn't sick, I was working on something that I had mentioned in a previous blog posting, which I had said was a kind of dream of mine. I have been busy connecting my blogger BaeFamily with my other internet families; all through the 'magic' of Facebook. While I was busy doing this, I found that there are hundreds and hundreds of lovely BaeFamily members on FB. And not just Baesisters, but Baebrothers as well. they are all so kind and loving that I have grown to love them all very much. I now feel as though my Families truly reach around and embrace the whole world and me with it. I have never known that kind of love in all my life, but I am so very glad to be experiencing it now, when I am finally at a stage in my life where I can truly appreciate it, and all the people who have given it to me, and to each other. And the best part is that it is all because of one person who has that kind of love for everyone, and has helped us all find a kind of family affection which might never have been possible without his gentle influence. Our Charming Prince, BYJ, has helped us to build many bridges of love that really do span the globe, and he is the engineer who made the plan for their construction, with his selfless love for all mankind and his desire to have the largest Family in the world. But, I can't forget the willing and loving hearts of all our BaeFamily, who took that love he gave and helped spread it around the world. Thank you, Family, for being so kind and loving, and for taking up the dream of Our Prince, and sharing it with others, especially me. Love to all Family, everywhere. <3


  1. Dear Anna,

    I hope you are a lot better now...
    You know...BYJ and Baefamily has never cease to amaze me !

    All the best to YJ and his future work !

    Love to Baefamily,
    specially the owner of this blog ^^

  2. Sis Myoce, thank you, dear, for your lovely comment. I am feeling a bit better every day, and I believe I will soon be well. Our BYJ is an amazing man. I don't know of any other celebrity who has been able to bring so many people around the world together to make the kind of international family to which we belong. He is special, but we all know that. It's why we became part of his family in the first place.:) Love to you, too, dear.

  3. hola Anna...., me alegra saber de ti y que te encuentres bien.., la verdad te extrañe y me preocupe por tantas cosas que han sucedido.., tienes razon pues gracias al amor que transmite nuestro BAE es como he conocido gente tan linda como tu que sin conocer personalmente te siento una persona muy sincera brindando tu amistad ...
    cuidate mucho y bueno lo mejor de todo es que ya estas aqui y que estas mucho mejor...
    saludos.., con cariño cecy.

  4. Hello, I'm Thai Bae Family. I usually visit your blog. I love your words "Our Charming Prince, BYJ, has helped us to build many bridges of love that really do span the globe, and he is the engineer who made the plan for their construction, with his selfless love for all mankind and his desire to have the largest Family in the world." He is my miracle!!! As I have never been start fan and I don't think I will be, until I met Bae Yong Joon.

    bebebyj - Thai Bae Family

  5. Hi, sis bebebyj, of Thai BaeFamily. I am so glad you read and enjoy my blog postings. I have been a fan of many actors over the years, but I have never seen any actor or celebrity quite like Our BYJ. He is so beautiful, inside and outside, and so sweet and dear, I don't think I will ever love another actor in quite the way that I love Our Charming Prince; Our BYJ! Thank you for visiting my blog, and please come back whenever you like. I have been moving to a new apartment, but I will try to post here more often, now that we are done with the moving. Take care, dear! <3

  6. Hello! I chanced upon your blog in the middle of my work. I love BYJ and try to keep myself abreast with the latest news about him. I am actually a big fan of Jihun and since he joined KeyEast of Yonsama, it made me really happy. I actually have tagged BYJ as pretty boy #1 and as I also like and follow KHJ whom I have tagged him pretty boy #2. So all my friends know who is who when I post about them. So following KHJ (as Jihun is still serving his duty in the military camp) I chanced upon this blog. I would like to tell you in all honesty that this is a nice blog and so now I learn that there's Baesisters, Baebrothers, etc. Nice names. I have many friends who are also followers of BYJ and we are happy that his name is synonymous to the word "success".
    I will now regularly follow your blog. My name is Rita and I am from Los Angeles, CA.

  7. Hello, Baesis Rita. It is so nice to 'meet' you here on my blog. I am afraid I haven't been posting here very much lately, as I have been ill for the past few weeks, but I am feeling much better now, and I hope to be able to post here, from time to time, now that I am able to, once more. I am glad you like this Bae blog of mine. I am not a big KHJ fan, myself, but I do know who he is. I am not familiar with Jihun, though. Still, I am always ready to learn about Asian (especially Korean) celebs, and I enjoy finding new ones of whom I can become a fan. Please, feel free to visit my blog as often as you like, and please tell your friends who are BYJ fans that they are welcome to visit here, too. Take care, sis. Hugs!!!

  8. Oh Hi Anna - glad you took the time to reply. Jihun is the actor who was in Goong/Princess Hours, Naked Kitchen, Antique Bakery & The Devil (Mawang). He is my number one favorite and BYJ is my fave among the actors of his age. I will make an announcement about your blog in my fb. KHJ is tagged as BJY, Jr. They both look good. I hope more followers of BYJ gets to read your blog.
    Hugs! Rita

  9. Hi sis Anna, I am from Singapore, I use to visit BYJ KOB and we use to meet baesis in FB.. I wish you are healthy and happy..

    I LOVE Yong Joon, from inside and outside, and he is dear me, I will love Our Charming Prince Yong Joon for the rest of my live! I love KHJ too, just like my son.. he is Yong Joon's fav dongseng.. I will tell my friends who are BYJ fans that they are welcome to visit here, too.
    Take care dear:))
    Love, Aunty Kue Hua!!!

  10. I hope you have enjoyed a good Thanksgiving day .. Blessing for you

  11. Aunty, dear, it is so nice to meet you here on my blogsite. It is always a pleasure to 'meet' other members of the BYJ Family of sisters (and brothers, too). I a so sorry I did not respond to your comment sooner, but I have not had much access to the internet since back in early April of this year. I can get on my blog now, because my new neighbors have a Wi-fi network which they are so graciously sharing with me. Thank you for visiting my blog, and I hope you will come back as often as you like. Take care, dear sis. Hugs!

  12. Sis Anabel,
    I had a lovely Thanksgiving with my Son, his wife, my daughter and her hubby, and my five grandchildren. Too much good food, though. I think I gained five pounds.:) Thank you for visiting my blog, and please come back again, as often as you like. Take care. <3


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