Friday, December 4, 2009

Hi, family.
Well, here I am sitting at home on a cold, rainy day off. I think the family who have visited me, here, liked the first poem I posted. So, here is another one. This one was written on a rainy summer day when I was 19. We lived high up on a mountain with a beautiful view of all the surrounding mountains. When it would rain, we could watch the storm approaching across the mountain tops. It was always so thrilling to me, to see that wave of falling water coming closer and closer until we were surrounded by huge, splashing drops. I wrote this poem to express my feelings about that memorable experience. And, since it is a rainy day, I thought my poem would fit in nicely today.

The Storm
Before the storm, when everything is still,
I see the rain descending upon the distant hill.
I feel the gentle breezes on my face,
And see dark clouds surrounding inner space.
I hear the distant thunder's rumbling voice,
Which makes my very heart and soul rejoice.
Then, I see the blinding lightening flash,
And hear the storm clouds meeting with a crash.
And Then, I feel the first few drops of rain,
And I also feel my blood rush through my veins.
And, suddenly, my heart begins to pound,
As the rain in torrents splashes on the ground.
And, as I breathe a sigh of joy, restrained,
I watch the cleansing, pattering, splashing,..rain!
                                                         Anna Daugherty

Well, I hope everyone likes it. Actually, I had a bit of inspiration for posting this here, besides the rainy day. I watched Hotelier, again, just recently. I like the part where Shin Dong Yuk and Suh Jin Yeong are at a restaurant and it starts raining. When they are ready to leave, Dong Yuk shares his coat with Jin Yeong. Just the sort of thing I am sure our Handsome Prince would do for a lady. Anyway, I hope everyone is safe and warm and dry wherever you are. Please, enjoy the poem.

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