Saturday, January 9, 2010

Here We Go Again...

Hi, Bae Family,
I thought you all might enjoy this rant as well as the last one, considering it is about a recent topic posted on one of the other sisters' site.

Well, it seems as though no one is going to post any comments here, not yet anyway, so I may as well post another rant! This one concerns individuals who consider themselves so expert in a particular field, they think no one else could possibly know as much as they know. I ran into an example of this just today. A certain Asian actor recently wrote a photo essay book and had it published, with not-so-surprising results: it became a mega-bestseller. There was a teacher who told one of his/her students that the book could not have been written by said actor because it was too well-written. Wait a minute. Just because that person is a teacher, that automatically makes them an expert on book writing? And be cause the author is an actor, that means he can't be a writer as well? What the flip? That makes absolutely no sense, whatsoever. Is a celebrity, especially an intelligent, multi-talented one, supposed to be limited to doing only one thing in life? How stereotypical is that kind of thinking? In fact, this particular celebrity has proven the versatility and range of his abilities, on more than one occasion. As actor, model, businessman, artist, musician, and more, this person has shown a wide range of talents. What gives that teacher the right to assume an actor is just capable of being an actor? That is a very narrow-minded view for an educator to take. What kind of influence is that to be to a student? Not a very good one, or so it seems to me. I  have not read the aforementioned Photo essay book, but I am sure of one thing. Given the kind of character which the author is reputed to have, I do not believe he would take credit for writing a book unless he really wrote it. From what I have seen of this person, I am actually certain he would not do that. Thank you. Anna"

(Again, I took this from one of my other blogsites. (Posted Jan. 7, 2010 on "Anna's Roaming Mind")

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