Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Man's A Man...

Hi, Baefamily.

I thought you might enjoy this:

I am ranting today about the way some people are always putting down other people. I have found that many people, all over the world, think Korean men are too feminine. I say, so what? If Korean men want to get in touch with their 'feminine' side, what is that to anyone else? A lot of women, including yours truly, find this to be an attractive quality of these men. To us, it means they are secure enough with their masculinity to be able to delve into the other side of the picture. Perhaps we are in touch, enough, with our masculine side to be able to truly appreciate these guys and their self-awareness. I know I am somewhat masculine, but that doesn't mean I am not all woman and a lady besides. And being feminine doesn't make a guy any less of a man. It just indicates a finer degree of sensitivity, and perhaps a greater understanding of the female counterpart. I, for one, say 'more power to the feminine man, who is still all man!' Thank you. Anna"
(This is a rant I borrowed from one of my other blogsites: Anna's Roaming Mind.)
Be well, all family, everywhere. Love, Anna


  1. Hi Anna !

    He he..rant you get it off your mind ^^ Just want to say hello and read every thing here.

    All the best, dear sis !


  2. Sister Myoce,
    Don't worry about several of the same comments. I have done that before on Youtube, and answered the same message twice. My friends there were very understanding, and I try to be, too. The important thing to me is that our Bae family are beginning to visit me and that makes me feel more and more a part of the family myself. Thank you dear, and I hope you enjoy my blogs. Love, Anna


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