Thursday, January 14, 2010

Ranting For The Third Time

Hi, Family.
Since a few people seem to have found my rants interesting, I will post another. This time, I want to discuss the way some people think that if other people don't like what they themselves like, it can't be good or right. For example, as aYoutuber for a couple of years now, I have run across commenters on the channels who say things like 'so and so sucks as a singer', or 'he looks like a girl', or 'she sounds like a guy' or other, worse comments. this one is 'gay' or that one is something or other else. Why do people do that sort of thing on the internet at all? If I find myself in a situation where someone asks my opinion on a singer, an actor, or most any other subject, I try, for the most part, to give them a nice answer, or at least a polite one. If I feel negatively about the subject, I still try to criticize in a constructive way. The only instances when I am not that nice is when I see a comment by one of these sour, negative individuals who think their favorite is the best whatever, and that everyone else is wrong. Even then I am icily polite. Now, when an individual raves about a favorite something without putting down someone else tastes, I don't worry about them. I often express my preference for this actor over that one, but without being sarcastic or rude. And, if I comment on a preference that way, I will often provide a URL so that no one has to take my word for it, but can check it out for themselves. My question is: why can't everyone be that way when it comes to 'netiquette'? Don't the majority of people use common courtesy when talking face to face? Then, what is the difference that makes them feel it is o.k. to be rude online? I can't see one. I feel we should have manners and respect even when we can't see the person we are addressing. Don't we do that on the phone? Then why not the 'net'? Now, the whole point I am making is this; I have read a lot of these negative comments which were posted on the numerous videos which fans (family) have made of our Prince charming and uploaded to Youtube. I get so irritated, because these people have probably never even bothered to find out just what a wonderful person our Yong Joon ssi really is. They see him with long hair or when he is giving one of his guy friends a shoulder massage, and they automatically shout 'gay', and I want to yell at them; just because he is sensitive, and a 'touchy-feelie' kind of person doesn't mean he is weird. I am a touchy-feelie person myself. I hug all of my friends, male and female, and I kiss my women friends on the cheek. But, I can tell anyone, when I see our Yong Joon I get positively weak in the knees, which proves I definitely like men. So, with Yong Joon ssi, he just really looks out for everyone who matters to him and tries to make them all comfortable, and help them in any way that he can. Still, he keeps telling everyone that the thing he needs most in his life, right now, is a wife. I don't think a 'gay' guy would say that, not even as a joke; proving where our Prince Charming's true interests are. And proving he is a normal man. And, my, my what a man he is! I don't think any woman could hope for better, because there probably is no such thing. Love to all, Anna


  1. Hi Anna,

    he he...rant away, so you'll get it off your mind. Just wanted to say hello and read everything here.

    All the best,

  2. Hi, sister Myoce.
    Welcome to my blog! Please, feel free to join and comment here, and visit as often as you like. I am glad to have family visit me here and on any of the other blogs as well. I hope you and everyone else will find them interesting, even though only this one is about our Charming Prince, and our family. Love, Anna

  3. Hi anna

    Found your blog cos of your comment in Jaime's blog which I visit ritually. I've become a Baefan only in April 2008 but whoa!!! what a man I've discovered him to be. I love this post of yours cos it echoes how I feel about the way many netizens post comments indiscriminately and totally insensitive to others. Keep on ranting if you have to . . . I think I'll be one of your regular readers


  4. Hi, alcy1985.
    Thank you for joining my site, and welcome. I'm glad you found me. I really believe the things that I post in my rants, and I'm glad you feel the same way. I'll gladly rant some more, as I find the things I feel strongly enough to rant about. Thanks for the encouragement. As for Yong Joon ssi, isn't he what all this is about?LOL (Huge sigh! Or two, or three...)This 'ajumma' is very much in 'like' with him.
    Regards, Anna


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