Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hi, Family.
I visited The BYJ Official Website, today, and the posts I read there made me feel very sad. I found that our Yong Joon has not posted a personal message to the family there in a long time. A lot of family members were upset because if this. Please, family, do not be sad. We all know that our BYJ is very busy most of the time. He is also still getting better from the time when he was so sick back in September. I believe he would be sad if he knew that we are not happy, because we haven't heard from him. I know he has not meant to hurt us in any way. He would not do that. I think he has just forgotten to keep in touch. Bae Yong Joon, wherever you are, please remember that we all love you, and think of you often. Please be well. We miss you so much when we don't hear from you. If you have a few minutes, please stay in touch, and let us know you are safe. May God keep you safe wherever you are, and Godspeed wherever you go. Love Anna

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