Monday, December 14, 2009

One Big Family

Hi, Family.
I have read a lot of news articles from Asian newspapers and magazines, and one thing keeps coming to my attention. That is the fact that all of the reporters and/or columnists seem to think that the Bae Yong Joon fan (family) is limited only to Asian countries, or to Asian people who live mostly on the East coast or West coast of The United States. It is true, there are a lot of family members living in those areas or in Asian countries, but Yonsama's family (fan base) is not limited to those family members, alone. We so-called Caucasians love Our Handsome Prince as much as the other members of our family do.  That is why I am grateful for the love which Yong Joon shows to all of us, and for the love and kindness which I have gotten from several of the family here on Blogspot and on Youtube as well. I really appereciate you all for making me feel welcome as a member of the BYJ International family, and I am sorry I didn't tell you all about this sooner. (Actually I am part Native-American and part African-American, and Caucasian as well.) Be well my dear family wherever you all are. Love, Anna

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